javon alyasiriStarting from a place of support and acceptance, I specialize in providing a safe, empathetic, therapeutic environment for individuals who identify as part of the transgender, gender-fluid, and gender non-binary communities, or who are exploring their gender identity.

Whether you are looking for reassurance and counseling around your gender identity, support while pursuing transition, or are exploring referral options for hormone therapy and gender affirmation services, we can work together to help you achieve a successful resolution that brings you peace and pride.

In addition to providing therapy services, I also provide psychosocial assessments and reports for individuals who are working with medical professionals during hormone therapy or as they are exploring gender affirmation surgery. The therapy, assessment, and report writing services that I provide follow the Standards of Care of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH).

I welcome you to contact me to speak further with you about you and your goals.